How to Waterproof UGG Boots

How to Waterproof UGG Boots? 6 Easy Steps You Should Learn

UGG boots, despite being popular, fashionable, versatile and comfortable, is not waterproof. That is the main reason why many are in search of ways on how to waterproof UGG boots.

Fortunately, this article is now created to serve as your guide. You can now invest in a good pair of UGG boots without worrying about how you can waterproof it and protect it from the damaging effects of water like bacteria formation and bad odor.

What Do you Need to Follow this Tutorial?

  1. Cleaning product
  2. Brush with soft bristles
  3. Waterproof protector
  4. Aerosol spray
  5. Leather oil or conditioner
  6. Clean rag

Step 1 – Clean the Boots

Cleaning should be the first step that you have to take prior to implementing any of the waterproofing solutions for UGG boots recommended to you. You need to clean it up to remove any loose hair and dirt, allowing the waterproofing solution or repellant to stick to the footwear and function well.

Use a reliable cleaning product for UGG boots. You’ll know exactly the specific part of the footwear, which is wet because it is where there are changes in color. Avoid soaking the boots in water but make sure they’re damp.

Let it dry for around twenty-four hours to prevent potential damage. Spray them when the cleaner, let them dry naturally then stuff a hand towel on each pair. The stuffed hand towel is useful in retaining its shape.

Step 2 – Brush the Boot

How to Waterproof UGG Boots cleaning

Right after cleaning, the next step involves brushing the footwear. Fortunately, you can easily find the brush that you can use for this step, as it is usually part of the care kit for UGG boots.

The best brush to use is one with soft bristles. Brush gently and do it in a similar direction. Doing such can help raise the nap, a vital part of the material, which is a huge help in keeping your boots look new and fresh.

Step 3 – Use A Waterproof Protector

This protector is what you can usually find in the UGG care kit included in the package when buying the footwear. You have to apply it into your boots once you’re done with cleaning and brushing them.

To use the protector, just spray it on the outer part of the boots. Do the same process you’ve followed when cleaning the footwear with the cleaning product or spray. However, the application of the protector should be lighter than the cleaner.

Once done, you are ready to use it in the snow or in any other environment, which can expose you to too much water. It’s already safe to use there as it is waterproof.

Step 4 – Invest in A Good Waterproofing and Weather Protectant

Aside from the ones that come in your UGG boot’s care package, it is also crucial to look for a good waterproofing and weather protectant, which works the same as the one in the package. Invest in a good one, which really works.

Your protective treatment or spray does not need to come from the same company, which manufactures your boots. However, you have to ensure that it’s made specifically for the material used in your footwear.

In addition, make sure to apply the protectant to your UGG boots before each use. It’s crucial to weatherproof and waterproof them prior to wearing. To do that, you have to strictly follow all the directions on the bottle.

If it tells you to wait for 2-24 hours after the application prior to wearing it, then you have to do so.

Step 5 – Use An Aerosol Spray

How to Waterproof UGG Boots

An aerosol spray is also one of the most effective how to waterproof UGG boots solutions. You can easily purchase one from a shoe store. What you have to do is to place the boots outside then hold the aerosol spray around 8 cm away from them.

Spray them entirely. Wait for around 30 minutes to one hour before wearing it. Be careful with the fumes caused by the spray. Make sure to leave them outside during the designated period to avoid the fumes.

Step 6 – Keep the Boots Well-Oiled and Conditioned

A good leather oil or conditioner is also the key to keeping your UGG boots waterproofed. What you have to do is to drop a quarter size of the leather oil or conditioner into a clean rag. Apply it to the boots – starting from the toe then working around the base then the shaft.

In case you need to apply more conditioner, avoid putting in over a dime size on the rag. Once done, get another clean rag and use it to remove any excess oil or conditioner. Just buff it away from the material.

Do this entire process outdoors as it can produce fumes that are too strong. Leave the UGG boots outdoors until the odor disappears.


Did you enjoy reading this tutorial on how to waterproof UGG boots? With the information provided by this article, you will realize that waterproofing the boots is not that hard at all.

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