How To Clean Clarks Shoes

Do you know how to clean clarks shoes not only makes them look great but also lengthen their lifespan? If you haven’t known, then that is the reality now. Clark boots are one of the top stylish and comfortable boots that will make you feel worth it when you wear them.

If you are lucky to own a pair of the boot, you need to be careful on how to take care for them and enjoy their quality. Clark boots are made from various materials like leather, nubuck, or suede. Of all the materials, leather is the main component that most Clarks boots are made from, although the leather varies from one boot to the other.

This makes it vital to understand which material your Clark boots have and so that you can use an ideal method to clean them. There are two types of cleaning that you will do, internal cleaning and external cleaning. The interior cleaning involves the removal of odor smell. Exterior consists of the removal of mud, dust, debris, and other material from the boot.

How To Clean Clarks Shoes

Method 1: Cleaning of suede Clark boot with the suede brush

how to clean clarks shoes

How to clean clarks shoes made of suede material can be easily cleaned using a good suede brush. The accessories will help to remove dust and dirt that get stuck on the pores of the material. The suede brush with stiff bristles should be carefully used and avoid applying too much pressure when cleaning.

To preserve the original color of your Clarks boot, you can clean them regularly with the suede brush when they look dirty. Letting the dust or dirt stay in your boot for an extended period increases the tear and wear. It also makes the boot color look less vibrant than it should be.

Steps on how to clean

  1. Place an old newspaper on the surface where you will brush your Clarks boot from.
  2. With the help of your suede brush, remove dust and dirt particles from your boots gently.
  3. Ensure you are brushing in the same directions.
  4. Brush your boots softly to remove dirt on the boot surface and brush it a bit harder if hard scuff marks are on the shoes.
  5. You can use a butter knife carefully to scrap the persistent mark or stains. You can protect your suede boots by applying a silicone spray to coat the surface against water and dirt.

The pros of the method

  • It is easy to clean
  • The use of suede brushes isn’t expensive
  • It makes your dirty boot look great again


  • It doesn’t remove tough stains from the boot.

Method 2: The use of a suede eraser

how to clean clarks shoes

Suppose you have Clark suede boots with tough scuffs and marks that can’t be removed by suede brush; you should not worry about it. With the suede eraser, you can clean your Clark boots and make them look like appearing again. To make the process successful, you can rub the ordinary eraser before applying the suede eraser.

Steps to follow

  1. Brush off dust, debris, and dirt from the suede pores using the suede brush.
  2. Rub the ordinary eraser on the marks or stains if you have the eraser
  3. Then rub the marks and scuffs with your suede eraser. At first, avoid applying any pressure.
  4. With the use of the suede brush, remove the dirt from the eraser
  5. Reapply the suede eraser if there is any visible mark on the boot. In this case, you can apply more pressure.

Clean the debris well using the brush, and you can use the eraser again if required.

This method can be used when you realize that there are stains that can’t be removed using the suede brush. You can also use it to realize that the ordinary eraser cannot get rid of the scuffs from your boot. The trick here is to apply a small amount of white vinegar to dissolve the stain in the boot.


  • The unique suede eraser can remove stains that can’t be removed with a suede brush.
  • The eraser is affordable


  • It doesn’t work with water stains

Method 3: Cleaning a water stain and waterproofing boots

how to clean clarks shoes

Suede Clark boots don’t like to mix with water. You cannot remove the water stains by brushing your shoes. You need to change the method you use. With this, you need to have two rags and water.


  1. Dip the soft cloth in water
  2. With the cloth, wet your boot
  3. Using another soft cloth to soak up the excess water
  4. Allow your boot to dry in an open area in sunlight

Avoid drying your boot in a heating vent, and this is because it will affect the suede fabric. You can repeat the process more than once to get rid of the water stains from the boot. If you wish, you can spray your suede to prevent water stains and be waterproof.

Steps on how to waterproof your Clark boots

  1. Clean your boots as clean as possible. When you apply the waterproof spray over the stains helps to seal the dirt on the suede surface.
  2. Spray the boot with waterproofing spray in a well-ventilated area.
  3. Allow the boot to dry for some minutes before you apply the second coat.
  4. Ensure that you have applied up to a total of four coat levels on your boot.
  5. Depending on the level of the coat applied, allow the boot to dry.


  • The waterproof makes the boot last longer
  • The waterproof accessories are cheap and affordable


  • The sprays have some chemicals

Method 4: Cleaning the Clark boots with beeswax leather

how to clean clarks shoes

With the beeswax leather Clark type, you can also clean and maintain their gorgeous look. With this type, they require less maintenance as compared to suede boots. Caring and cleaning this type of boot is easy.


  1. Wipe away any dirt or dust on your boot with a soft cloth when you see they have started to appear.
  2. If there is mud on your boot, allow it to dry before you remove it. Use a soft cloth to wipe it.
  3. If there are persistent stains on the boot, use penguin P100 instant cleaner products to clean them.
  4. Allow the shoe to dry in an open place and avoid heat source because it may affect the boot.


  • It is easy to use the method
  • Makes the boot look great again


  • Haven’t seen any problem

Interior cleaning

Clark boots also need to be cleaned internally to avoid them from developing odor smell. Since the shoes are expensive, there is a need to maintain them and make them last longer; you need to keep them odor-free. There are various ways to clean it internally.


  1. Sprinkle some amount of baking soda into the boot.
  2. Tap the boots and tilt the shoes on all the sides to ensure it has spread to all sides in the insole
  3. Allow the baking soda to stay in the boot overnight.
  4. Trash out the mixture from the boot in the morning
  5. If you realize that the odor hasn’t been removed, spray white vinegar into the boot.
  6. The spray a light mist of vinegar into the boot and allow it to dry in an open hour. The material will help to remove both bacteria and odor from the boot.

Final thought

Are you satisfied with the above tips on how to clean your Clark boots? If you are hesitating about buying Clark boots because they are hard to clean, you need to change your mentality. You need to know that Clark boots are made from easy-to-clean materials and maintain their quality.

You only need to know the best methods and techniques that you need to use for successful cleaning. Proper cleaning not only makes your boot look ideal but also comfortable for your feet. With this article on how to clean clarks shoes, I am sure you have learned the various methods that you can use to clean your boot. 

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