The 8 Best Slip Resistant Shoes 2022 – Reviews, Ratings and Top Picks

For most workers, the type of shoes they wear can make a lot of difference on their overall work performance and productivity. Their chosen shoes can also determine whether they are going to be safe as they are moving around and fulfilling their duties.

For on-the-go workers and professionals, like nurses, chefs, restaurant workers, and servers, the best shoes for them are those that are slip-resistant. If you want to stay safe regardless of the job you currently have, then the following best slip resistant shoes are definitely going to help you.

Reviews Of The 8 Best Slip Resistant Shoes 2022

1. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On

For male workers and professionals, the Work-Flex Advantage Anti-slip Mcallen Slip-on can be the footwear that they need. In my opinion, it is an ideal choice for workers and professionals who are always on the go.

With the meticulous design of this slip-on shoe, I can say that it indeed matches the standards in terms of protection and durability. It is versatile that workers will feel safe when wearing it in different work environments and situations.

I feel like this shoe has a great slip-resistant quality as such feature meets the safety standards that the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) set. There’s also a guarantee that it is safe for use on places with electrical hazards.

It has a rubber sole, which is an advantage, too. It comes with treads capable of withstanding spills and moisture. Inside, you will notice an insole constructed out of memory foam. It’s a good thing as it supports proper fit and maximum comfort.

The sizing runs half or one size larger, though, so it is a must to check whether it really fits you well before buying.

Things We Liked

  • Perfect for on-the-go workers and professionals
  • Meticulous, slip-on design, guaranteeing protection and durability
  • Flexible as it can handle different work situations and environments
  • OSHA approved in terms of slip-resistance
  • Proper fit and maximum comfort provided by its memory foam insole

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some issues on sizing

Other than that issue, though, you will definitely feel more than satisfied with this shoe from Skechers. It is well-constructed with safety, durability, comfort, and the preferred style of the users in mind.

2. Skechers for Work Men’s 76759 Soft Stride Galley Work Boot

Many will definitely agree with me when I say that the Work 76759 Soft Stride Galley Work Boot is one of the footwear from the Skechers brand that can offer ultimate satisfaction to wearers. The overall construction of this shoe is from the combination of genuine leather and rigid synthetic material.

Such construction, I think, has a positive effect as it strengthens the shoe while also making it flexible. It is installed with a concretely constructed sole made of rubber. There is also a padded footbed, thereby keeping your feet relax and move and rest in comfort.

The slip-resistant rubber outsole, on the other hand, also performs its function of preventing slips and abrasions, especially when used on oily surfaces. It even complies with OSHA standards.

The shoe a well-positioned arch support. In addition, it is sturdy while still boasting of a style that you can confidently wear. The lace-up casual style of the Galley also makes using and wearing it a breeze.

However, take note that the cushion may wear out over time due to overuse, so proper care and maintenance is a must. It is also stiff initially, requiring time to break in.

Things We Liked

  • Genuine leather and synthetic material construction strengthens the shoe
  • Padded footbed, letting your feet relax in comfort
  • Slip-resistance feature is OSHA compliant
  • Well-positioned arch support
  • Sturdy and flexible without compromising style

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Overuse might cause the cushion to wear out in time
  • Stiffness on the initial use

Still, this work boot from Skechers is a key towards obtaining top-notch comfort, durability, and protection, especially when you are doing your job.

3. Townforst® for Work Men’s Slip and Oil Resistant Eamon Shoes Non Slip

With Townforst® for Work Slip and Oil Resistant Eamon Shoes, I can say that workers and professionals, particularly those who are part of the food/restaurant, service, and healthcare industries, can wear something that can truly provide them with full protection.

It is indeed a good choice as it features an anti-slip outsole, which is known for holding a high rating in the slip test conducted by Intertek. That said, it works really effectively when it comes to being a slip-resistant shoe. Aside from that, it is known for its shock-absorption feature.

The lightweight and flexible midsole, as well as the cushioned insoles, can also offer additional comfort whether you use it for hours. With its friction-free characteristic, I feel like I am fully protected when I’m using it.

One strong advantage of the shoe is that it still comes with a fashionable style, so expect to look good while protecting yourself. It comes installed with a genuine leather upper as well as a round toe. Completing its look are the topstitching details, complete lace-up front, and overlay accents.

The width is a bit lacking, though. If it is wider, then it will most likely become more comfortable. Durability is also a bit of an issue as some complained that it starts to wear out after using for a few months.

Things We Liked

  • Versatile that it works for those in the food, restaurant, healthcare, and service industries
  • Offers complete protection through its anti-slip outsole
  • Sports a shock-absorption feature
  • Lightweight and well-cushioned, offering extra comfort
  • Stylish

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Lacking a bit in weight
  • Not that durable

The good news is that despite such issues, Townforst® for Work Slip and Oil Resistant Eamon Shoes still performs well in protecting users with its slip-resistant outsoles and excellent traction and grip.

4. Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

For female workers, the Work Sure Track Slip-resistant Shoe from Skechers will also serve as their best buddy in the workplace. I can never question the slip-resistant feature of the shoe as it definitely works in my favor. It keeps me safe, especially if I’m wearing it on slippery floors.

The non-slip footwear is stylish, so you will surely take pride when you are wearing it. It sports a smooth leather upper, which is user-friendly as you will never have a difficult time cleaning it up and maintaining its excellent condition.

With the pull tab integrated at the footwear’s heel, you will not also find it difficult to put it on or remove it. A fabric lining is built-in into the interiors. There is also a memory foam insole and it is beneficial in the sense that it offers extra cushion.

It is roomy and comes with a wide toe area. Such ensures that your toes and feet won’t feel too cramped, especially when you are wearing it for your workday. The slip-resistant rubber outsole offers adequate traction for a number of work environments.

The only thing that you might not like about this shoe from Skechers is the tightness that you may feel on the first days.

Things We Liked

  • Top-notch slip-resistance feature, guaranteeing your safety on wet, slippery and other unforgiving environments
  • Nicely designed
  • Easy to clean and maintain smooth leather upper
  • Extra cushion – thanks to the memory foam insole
  • Provides enough room inside

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Tight when used initially

To conclude, Skechers for Work Sure Track Slip-resistant Shoe is a nice shoe for female workers who want to wear something that is not only stylish but also showcases an excellent performance.

5. Skechers for Work Women’s Sure Track Erath Athletic Lace Slip Resistant Boot

If you want to invest in a slip-resistant footwear, which is specifically designed for work as it offers long-lasting comfort and security, Skechers for Work Sure Track Erath Athletic Lace Slip-resistant Boot is one of those I’ll instantly recommend.

It is a work-specific boot, meaning it can handle the demands of female workers and professionals. It takes pride of its lace-up design, making it perfect for both casual and demanding jobs.

It has a solid and sturdy but still smooth leather construction – meaning it’s strong without having to become a source of discomfort. What I like the most about the shoe, aside from being slip-resistant, is that it has a cooling effect on my feet – thanks to the mini-perforated panels on the side.

I can also assure you that you will receive maximum comfort and protection with the aid of the memory foam insoles of the shoe. It has a shock-absorbent midsole, which is lightweight and capable of adding further cushion and durability.

One problem is its smaller fit probably because of its padding. You can resolve this by going half or one full size when ordering. You might also need to add inserts to further improve the ability of the shoe to prevent foot pain and discomfort.

Things We Liked

  • Offers long-lasting comfort and security
  • Boasts of a lace-up design
  • Solid and sturdy without being a cause of discomfort
  • Guaranteed to be slip-resistant
  • Promotes a cooling effect to your feet with the aid of mini-perforated panels

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Fits a bit smaller
  • Additional inserts might be needed at times

With this shoe from Skechers, you will surely feel much safer and confident while you are at work.


6. Skechers for Work Women’s 76510 Compulsions Indulgent Work Shoe

Another footwear that I will instantly recommend for female workers is the Skechers for Work 76510 Compulsions Indulgent Work Shoe. It is primarily because it is a slip-resistant footwear that can definitely satisfy a woman’s requirements in terms of style, comfort, and safety.

It looks great while letting you slip it on fast. You will instantly notice its smooth leather upper, which, I think, is the easiest to clean among its components and features. As for the style, I instantly feel in love with the shoe’s stitched accents, as such make it more attractive and unique.

It also has a toe bumper built in with sturdy overlays. Such is beneficial in protecting your toes and feet from harsh objects. With the built-in high and flexible traction outsole, I am sure that you’ll also feel confident when walking and handling slippery surfaces.

Expect your feet to feel comfortable and warm, too – thanks to the presence of a soft fabric lining, which naturally hugs your feet. Furthermore, it has a supportive sole, impressive arch support, and breathable mesh panels.

One thing that I do not find favorable, though, is that it has a narrow toe box.

Things We Liked

  • Slip-resistant, satisfying the needs of female workers to keep themselves protected from potential slips and falls
  • Easy to clean smooth leather upper
  • Attractive and unique style, thanks to its stitched accents
  • Offers protection against harsh objects – thanks to the built-in toe bumper
  • Flexible and high traction in the outsole

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Toe box is slightly narrow

With this work shoe from Skechers, you will definitely feel at peace, knowing that you can work confidently while easing pressure and pain from your toes, feet, and knees.

7. Birki’s Super Birki Unisex Clog (for Men and Women)

Birki’s Super Birki Unisex Clog is also among the best slip resistant shoes that I will definitely recommend to both male and female workers. It works for both genders because of the unisex design. Primarily, it is a slip-on clog constructed out of durable and long-lasting polyurethane material.

What I like the most about this unisex clog is its cork footbed as it is designed in such a way that it can mirror my feet’s shape, thereby promoting more natural walks and movements. There is also enough room for my toes and feet to move naturally.

Such is beneficial as it means proper balance and foot alignment. It has a shock-absorbent sole, too, which boasts of plenty of positive attributes – flexible, replaceable, repairable, lightweight, and durable.

Aside from that, the shoe promotes even distribution of weight and correct posture. Since it is slip-resistant, there is also no need for you to worry about facing accidental slips just because your shoes don’t grip and support you that well.

It is a bit heavier than other clogs but not to the point that you will already feel uncomfortable.

Things We Liked

  • Unisex style, making it ideal for both men and women
  • Slip-on clog made of polyurethane material known for its durability
  • Features a cork footbed that can mirror the natural shape of your feet
  • Promotes proper balance and foot alignment
  • Slip-resistant, helping you prevent accidental slips

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Heavier when compared to other clogs

With Birki’s Super Birki Unisex Clog, you’ll have a comfortable, slip-resistant and sporty footwear, which can make doing your job in the workplace easier.

8. KEEN Utility PTC Oxford Work Shoe (for Men) (for Women)

I think that the KEEN Utility PTC Oxford Work Shoe is also a suitable choice for professional men and women who want to wear a comfy and safe yet stylish shoe. It is specifically made for those who are working, so it is safe to assume that it’s a good companion in numerous environments at work.

It has a slip-resistant outsole constructed out of rubber, which features a unique tread design designed to give users impressive traction. It has an EVA cushion sole, too, which is also effective in resisting the risk of slipping. Such makes the shoe a great option for slippery and wet floors.

It should be noted that the slip-resistance feature integrated into the shoe is carefully thought out. It is the main reason behind its effectiveness in gripping on various surfaces. It has enough cushion and insole, which can offer great arch and foot support the entire day.

I find the patented toe protection built into the shoe useful, too, as it offers the ultimate protection to your toe by wrapping the outsoles over and up your toes.

There are minor issues in this shoe, though, such as the fact that it is a bit heavy and lacks ventilation.

Things We Liked

  • Usable in various work environments
  • Slip-resistant outsole comes with a unique tread design, too, which offers sufficient traction
  • Grips various surfaces well
  • Great arch and foot support
  • Offers ultimate toe protection

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A bit heavy
  • Lacks ventilation

If you want to receive the highest level of protection the entire day at work, then KEEN Utility PTC Oxford Work Shoe can offer just that through its well-thought out features.

Why Buy Slip Resistant Shoes?

Shoes with slip-resistant features are highly recommended for working professionals because of their effectiveness in giving them a high level of security and protection. With a slip-resistant shoe, you have a lower risk of falling when you’re walking or moving over a wet surface.

Most of these shoes come with a rubber sole, which perfectly holds on slippery surfaces. The sole comes with treads that can help keep you grounded, too.

You know that you’re making the best decision by buying a slip-resistant shoe because it also comes with an extra cushion for additional support. Such is also effective in reducing strain on your legs. With all these, you will surely have an easier time navigating over your workplace.

Slip Resistant Shoes Buying Guide

In choosing the most suitable slip-resistant shoe for your job, there are key factors that you need to keep into consideration. These are:


Keep in mind that not all shoes with slip-resistant features are created with the same level of quality. That said, it is crucial to assess the quality of your options.

Go for one with several healthy features including breathable synthetic or leather uppers, heel stabilization, proper arch support, and removable insoles. There should be highly durable outsoles, too, to increase the life of the shoes.

Best Slip Resistant Shoes chef

Work Environment

When searching for the best slip resistant shoes, you need to figure out what specifically makes the floor in your workplace slippery. It is because of the different purposes and reactions of the shoes to various surfaces.

For instance, shoes mainly designed for slippery wet and outdoor conditions might be ineffective when used on floors with chemical or oil coating. Also, shoes mainly constructed for hospital or restaurant workers who deal with food-based water or oil may be subject to quick degradation if you expose them to industrial cutting oils.

Fortunately, non-slip footwear of today became more versatile in the sense that you can now use them in various work environments. All it takes is to figure out which one can specifically meet your unique requirements. It’s also essential to figure out whether it can provide good traction based on your chosen work environment.

Comfort and Support

Your chosen shoe should also be capable of providing your feet and body with the right amount of support and comfort. Ensure that your chosen shoe is supportive or else, you will be prone to dealing with foot, leg or knee pain.

There should be enough arch and heel support aside from the padding to avoid damaging the health of your feet.

Tread and Sole Design

The sole of your shoe comes in direct contact with the floor and other surfaces, so you need to assess its quality, too. In most cases, the sole is constructed out of rubber. Such material is often softer than the ones used in other shoes.

The rubber material is also more slip-resistant, especially when exposed to water, commercial greases, and oil. The good thing about this material is that it is more effective in preventing you from sliding or slipping. Avoid outsoles constructed from a hard or stiff material, which does not grip that well.

Your best choice of slip-resistant shoe is actually that with a sole that grips on the ground well, has channels designed to direct water and oil away, as well as feature circular grips.


Of course, there is no doubt that you would want your slip-resistant shoe to be as stylish as possible. Note that just because you plan on buying a footwear, which is slip-resistant, it does not necessarily mean that you have to skimp on style.

With thorough research, you can find plenty of stylish and attractive shoes that meet your slip-resistant requirements. You’ll also find one based on the style, color, and material you want without sacrificing its non-slip ability.

Final Words

To conclude, you have numerous choices when it comes to non-slip shoes. With such options, it is possible for you to find the best slip resistant shoes based on your work environment and your preferred style, comfort level and security.

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