Best Military Boot Socks

5 Best Military Boot Socks

The idea of having the best footwear has become one of the top sought topics. Most people have begun to realize the importance of having long-lasting, healthy, and comfortable footwear. The military socks are one of the footwears that are designed to withstand heavy weather conditions.

Its socks also need to be of high quality to supplement the durability of military boots. To beat the stress of wearing a military boot, it is vital to have the best military socks to provide you with ample foot protection. Most of these socks are designed to support your feet even when you are trekking on rough terrain.

In this review, we have provided a piece of comprehensive information about the top military boot socks that can help you stay comfortable as you work for an extended period. Most of these socks are long-lasting as they are made of solid materials. They include

Our Favorite Military Boot Socks

Top 5 Best Military Boot Socks

1. FoxRiver men’s Wick Dry Maximum Medium-weight Military Mid-calf Socks

Fox River Military Wick Dry Maximum Mid Calf Boot Sock (Med/Coyote Brown)

Fox River is a top leading manufacturer in the USA for outdoor socks and sports. The Fox River Wick Dry Boots socks have been the best-selling product doing well in the market for military boots.

We rank these socks as the best on our list due to the impressive 3 70% polypropylene, 28% nylon, and 2% spandex materials used to make it. This blend makes the socks odorless, elastic, mid-weight, and durable.

They feature a unique URfit system that is essential. The socks have this unique feature that ensures a perfect fit around your feet. The contoured rib top, various spandex compression zones, and memory knit compression of the shocks, make it have the ideal fit.

Impressive material- These socks preciously used three different unique materials of 2 percent spandex, 28 percent nylon, and 70 percent polypropylene. The material is a quick-dry model and ensures that there is no bunching or blistering when you use them.

Uses the scentry technology- The socks are installed with a scentry technology that is useful in combating bad odor and keep the feet fresh and dry all day. There is an Extra cushion, the extra cushioning of the socks provides protection against blisters and the comfort required. This makes the socks an excellent option with military boots.

Exclusive WICK Dry technology- The feature helps to quickly draw moisture from your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable. This is essential in reducing hot spots and friction that may lead to blisters.


  • The URfit system makes it to have the perfect fit
  • It has extra cushioning for protection and comfort
  • It has anti-odor technology that helps to remove bad odors
  • It is quick to dry


  • The fabric is very thin

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2. 281Z Military Boot Socks – Tactical Trekking Hiking

281Z Military Boot Socks - Tactical Trekking Hiking - Outdoor Athletic Sport (Black)(Medium 4 Pairs Pack)

The 281Z military boot socks is a top brand that has built itself as the best top-quality socks for military boots. The tactical gear socks provide a blend of 70 percent organic cotton, 5 percent elastane, and 25 percent nylon. This material makes the socks to be breathable, elastic, and lightweight.

The comfortable fit that your foot gets from the socks is super tight, making the sock non slip. The slight compression effect from the socks enhances comfortable blood flow during the movement. The cushioning also prevents sweating of the foot and improve airflow.

The structure and composition of the material used in the sock is ideal in dealing with an unpleasant odor that might emerge due to the boot’s long-wearing. The fibers have a high thermoregulation and breathability level, hence quickly absorbing sweat and maintaining your feet dry.

The 281Z military socks is an eco-friendly military sock that is made of standard 100 by Oeko-Tex that is eco-friendly. This material is the finest combed cotton with shorter fibers that makes it strong and soft to the skin.

The other good thing with this type of socks is that they are versatile and easy to clean. They are made for continuous use with summer military and demi-season, but you can clean them easily. The design proves how effective and combat the socks.


  • Made of eco-friendly materials
  • Top-quality material
  • Has an excellent fit
  • Excellent odor reduction


  • Stretches with long use

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3. Jefferies Socks Men’s Military Blister Guard Mohair Wool Combat Boot Crew Socks

Jefferies Socks Mens Military Blister Guard Mohair Wool Combat Boot Crew Socks 3 Pair Pack (Sock:10-13/Shoe:9-12, Coyote Brown)

Do you need a military sock that has been in the market for a long period? If yes, Jefferies socks men is here. Jefferies socks have been there in the market for over five decades now. High-quality, durability, and excellent comfort are all that is known of these socks.

The good thing we found out in these socks is that they are made in the USA, and they do understand what our military men and women need in terms of socks.

These accurate and USA-made socks are a blend of various excellent quality materials. It has 63 percent cotton, 10 percent merino wool, 18 percent nylon, and 7 percent Kid Mohair. The materials provide your feet with optimal support and comfort. They come in 3 pairs that are packed well.

To ensure that your feet are well protected from blisters, it contains a Blister guard system. The guard is placed at the toe and heel, reducing friction, hence eliminating blisters from occurring.
The Mohair yarn in the heel and the health guard is essential in shielding your feet within the military boot. This makes the feet stay comfortable for an extended period of the day.

The sock wool is well made to ensure that there is breathability and prevents any odor that may be caused due to the long-wearing of the military boot. It is also itch-free. The socks also have moisture-wicking features that enhance performance by cooling and keep the feet dry, increasing comfort.


  • Made from high-quality material
  • It provides optimal support and comfort to your feet
  • Natural odor-less
  • Provides excellent comfort and keeps the feet dry


  • They are not that soft
  • They look a bit baggy on the feet

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4. Jefferies Socks men’s Military Uniform All Season Rib Top Crew Boot Socks

Jefferies Socks mens Military Uniform All Season Rib Top Crew Boot 6 Pack Casual Sock, Olive Green, Shoe Size 9-12 US

Great socks are not necessarily expensive, and the Jefferies Socks men’s Military Uniform All Season Rib is a good example. Featuring mid-weight comfort, breathable cotton blend, half cushion foot, and impact protection, the socks offer excellent comfort and foot protection that can last the whole day.

Its half cushion foot ensures extra padding to achieve optimal comfort and impact to absorption of sweat hence keeping your feet dry. We found out that these socks are for those working outdoor as they have excellent comfort and support from our test.

The medium weighs socks with 80 percent cotton and 20 percent nylon, making them perfect for all seasons. This premium cotton-rich blend is soft with optimal comfort and its nylon stretch to ensure that the socks are lasting for many years with excellent performance.

Despite that it is made of a higher percentage cotton blend, we realized that you could easily machine wash them and the ribbed support top always keep the socks in place for use in long-lasting wear with your military boot.


  • It provides extra padding that is good for optimal comfort
  • They have a perfect fit on the foot
  • It has perfect sizes that are not tight and allows blood flow within your feet.
  • They are of high-quality material that lasts for long


  • Seem to be thin
  • They tear easily if not taken care of

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5. Fox River Men’s Wick Dry Maximum Mid Calf Military Sock

Fox River Men's Wick Dry Maximum Mid Calf Military Sock, 3 Pack (Black, Large)

Despite that we have listed in number 5, the Fox River Men’s Wick Dry Maximum Mid-Calf Military is tested and proved socks that have an exceptional comfort. Its URfit system provides a perfect personalized response fit that is a combination of a contoured rib top, spandex compression zones, and memory knit compression.

Its scentry system permanently protects your socks from odor, as it is made in a way that ensures it is confident about odor prevention. The system uses embedded fiber like copper or silver with micropolymer silane technology that slows wear and reduces any odor in the socks.

This is the perfect and best military socks we found out most users prefer due to what it provides them. The extra cushion is good in softening the blows that your foot undergoes every day, and it minimizes blistering and bunching, making it a superb sock to buy.

The stay dry technology used here is excellent as it quickly draws sweat and moisture from your feet, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. With the reduction of moisture, you will have reduced the friction that might lead to blisters. With 70 percent Polypropylene, the sock is easy to wash and dry quickly.


  • It has extra cushioning that makes it more comfortable
  • Quick to dry material
  • It has a superb custom fit
  • Removes any sweat or moisture quickly, keeping the feet dry
  • They are a bit warm
  • Easy and quick to wash and dry


  • The blister protection isn’t the good

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What Socks To Wear With Combat Boots?

Even when you have the perfect and comfortable boots in the world, using ill-fitting and poor-quality socks can lead to the problem for you. You may develop blisters and other health complications on your feet. It is good to know which socks you need to combine with your combat boots so that you enjoy your experience.

The type of socks your use here will depend on the kind of combat boots you plan to use and the style of socks you prefer to use. If you choose to use a lace-up combat boot, you can consider a pair of military socks that are tall athletic in style. This type of socks will look to be perfect for that kind.
With the hiking and skiing activities, thick winter knit socks will be ideal in that case. This is because the socks will provide the best comfort to your feet as they will absorb moisture or sweat that might occur due to the exercise involved and keep the feet dry and comfortable.

It is also good to mention that the durability of the socks you use for your combat boot depends on the material used to make them. Selecting the best quality will add to the lifespan of the socks. Combat boots require socks with the best moisture-wicking wool socks.

The answer to which military socks are perfect combat boots lies on your hands. Even if you are wearing combat boots for fashion, it is good to use thick and well-cushioned. They will help to keep your feet dry and free from blisters.

Tips on How To Get The Best Military Socks

  • Choose the pair of socks that are made of tough and durable material that can last longer.
  • Go for moisture-wicking fabrics to help quickly absorb the moisture or sweat and keep your feet dry.
  • Look for that that offers arch support.
  • Order the military socks that have a perfect fit on your feet.
  • Breathability socks with extra cushion, padding, and protection socks are vital as they have a perfect fiber that allows well air-circulation and keeps your feet comfortable.
  • Choose the sock with good compression as this helps to have good blood circulation within your feet.
  • Socks with merino wool are also good as the material regulates your body temperature, and you feel warm.

Final Thought

All the military socks we have reviewed in this article are excellent. Most of them have the best padding and cushioning that improves comfort. They also have a natural wicking and antimicrobial system that helps to keep your feet dry and fresh.

The information we have provided is enough for you to know which of the socks available in the market is good and that can help to keep your feet comfortable. Whenever you are about to buy your set of military socks, know that each type has different features, and you have to check the one with the best features.

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