Best Beach Shoes – A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Best 2022

While finding the best beach shoes is a bit challenging now, with the hundreds of options introduced to potential buyers, you can still successfully sort them down and pick the best one with proper guidance.

Fortunately, you can now find stylish shoes that you can wear anywhere. You can use them to surf, perform water sports, kayak, stroll around the beach, or do any other aquatic activities.

Editor’s Pick- Best Beach Shoes

# Preview Product Score
1 VIFUUR Water Sports Unisex Shoes Black - 11-12 W US / 9.5-10.5 M US (42-43)

VIFUUR Water Sports Unisex Shoes Black - 11-12 W US / 9.5-10.5 M US (42-43)

2 ANLUKE Water Shoes Barefoot Aqua Yoga Socks Quick-Dry Beach Swim Surf Shoes for Women Men Black/Solid 36/37

ANLUKE Water Shoes Barefoot Aqua Yoga Socks Quick-Dry Beach Swim Surf Shoes for Women Men...

3 Racqua Water Shoes Quick Dry Barefoot Beach Aqua Sport Swim Surf Pool Hiking Diving Walking for Men Women Black 14 W/13 M

Racqua Water Shoes Quick Dry Barefoot Beach Aqua Sport Swim Surf Pool Hiking Diving Walking for Men...

4 Unisex Water Shoes Quick-Drying Aqua Shoes Summer Outdoor Swimming Slipper On Surf Beach Water Shoes Women Men

Unisex Water Shoes Quick-Drying Aqua Shoes Summer Outdoor Swimming Slipper On Surf Beach Water...

5 Centipede Demon Womens Mens Water Shoes Breathable Barefoot Sports Aqua Shoes for Beach Swim Surf Diving Hiking Boating Athletic 9 Women/7.5 Men

Centipede Demon Womens Mens Water Shoes Breathable Barefoot Sports Aqua Shoes for Beach Swim Surf...


Top 5 Best Beach Shoes 2022

1. Dreamcity Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

reamcity Men's Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes Black/White 7

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This stylish pair of water shoes is a good choice for any man who is in search of lightweight and comfortable footwear to wear on his next aquatic or water activity. It is made of 90% fabric plus its sole is made of rubber, adding to its ability to give you comfort.

Its upper is also constructed out of durable and breathable air mesh. This can provide your feet with proper ventilation, allowing them to breathe. Furthermore, it features a Solyte midsole. This specific feature is good because it makes the shoes more lightweight. Also, it further improves its durability.

Another feature that you’ll love about this pair of shoes is the Water Grip outsole. This ensures that you’ll enjoy excellent traction, thereby keeping you safe on various slippery and wet terrains.

With its ComforDry sock liner, you also have an assurance that the shoes can offer good cushion. Therefore, expect your feet to stay in a dry, healthy and cool environment. The fact that it has a quick-drying feature also makes it suitable for water activities.


  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight
  • Looks great
  • Has a snug and comfortable fit
  • Has holes at the bottom that aid in quickly and easily draining water
  • Breathable and quick drying
  • Has good traction and cushion


  • Subpar tongue design as it is quite floppy

2. Aleader Mesh Slip On Water Shoes

ALEADER Women's Mesh Slip On Water Shoes White 5.5 D(M) US

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This is another great choice if you’re in search of the best beach shoes that are also comfortable to wear. One of the best features of these water shoes is its breathability considering that it has a mesh upper. This upper is guaranteed to provide your feet with their needed ventilation.

Moreover, it has a Water Grip Outsole. This can help offer good traction no matter what the water or fishing condition is. It’s made in such a way that it can handle slippery or wet surfaces.

Also, the shoe is constructed in such a way that it dries quickly. It is lightweight and comfortable without sacrificing its durability. Another feature that you will instantly notice in this pair of beach shoes is the ComforDry sock liner.

This feature is meant to improve the cushioning performance of the shoe. It is made of high-quality fabric material, as well as rubber for its sole. You can expect this to work well in the water.


  • Guaranteed to be breathable as it provides the right ventilation for your feet
  • Provides excellent traction regardless of the water condition
  • Versatile as you can use it not only in the water but also in your daily activities
  • Quick drying and comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Sizing information provided by the manufacturer is not that accurate

3. Adidas Outdoor Unisex Climacool Boat Lace Water Shoe

adidas outdoor Men's Climacool Boat Lace-M, Solar Blue/Chalk White/Colonel Navy, 10.5 M US

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This pair of beach shoes is a great option for you, especially if you’re in search of a lightweight footwear that fits snugly. This outdoor shoe features a comfortable EVA tongue plus quick-dry materials, making it really ideal for beach and water use.

Another thing that you will notice about this beach shoe is its Climacool open mesh. This works in enhancing the breathability of the shoe. Also, it features a Climacool tooling construction, which further enhances its comfort and breathability.

Another feature that you will instantly notice in this footwear is the non-marking outsole. It’s enough to increase friction, promote proper ventilation and provide proper grip drainage.

Furthermore, the footwear boasts of a stretchable heel insert. This is a good thing if you want the shoe to perfectly fit you. The TRAXION™ outsole is also a good feature as it promotes excellent traction in slippery and wet terrains.

The fact that it has a sustainable content plus inexpensive price also makes it a great investment.


  • Comfortable enough to wear – You wouldn’t have to deal with any discomfort whether you use it with or without socks
  • Stylish and attractive
  • High-quality and sturdy construction, so expect the shoe to be capable of handling a number of activities
  • Soles have a very good grip
  • Multifunctional in the sense that you can also use it out of the water – ex. gardening
  • Has quick drying features


  • Quite stiff on the foot

4. Zhuanglin Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Zhuanglin Men's Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

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Constructed out of lightweight mesh material, this beach shoe for men allows you to take a hold of a comfortable and breathable footwear. It is lightweight plus it uses a mid-foot webbing system, providing more breathability.

Another positive point about the shoe is that it has an adaptive and supportive fit. It comes with a soft cushion plus its outsole is made of RB/EVA material. All these features are usually enough to make you move with ease when doing a number of water activities.

90% of the shoe is made of comfortable fabric. Also, it features a rubber sole. With its Water Grip Outsole, you can get a shoe with just the right amount of traction. This can keep you safe in slippery terrains.

Also, it dries quickly when exposed to the water. Furthermore, it has a nice color combination, making it look more stylish. This makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a functional yet stylish beach shoe.


  • Attractive with its nice color combinations
  • Provides a decent fit and support
  • Adequate arch support, which can prevent your feet from hurting if you decide to walk on longer distances
  • Provides the right balance between style and comfort
  • Lightweight without sacrificing its sturdiness


  • Sizing needs a bit of adjustment

5. Aleader Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

ALEADER Women's Water Shoe, Black/Black, 8

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This water shoe for men features a soft, quick-drying and breathable mesh upper. The mesh material is beneficial as it further improves the quick drying ability of the shoe while also ensuring that your foot has enough ventilation to breath.

The fact that it is made of elastic material ensures that you will have an easier time slipping it on and off. Also, it has a quick dry and comfortable drain insole.

It has a proper cushion, which has superior absorption ability, making it possible for you to create a healthy and cool environment for your feet.

Another useful feature in this shoe is its extremely light EVA sole. It comes with a quick water drain design, so you won’t have to worry each time you use it in your water activities.

Also, it is slip resistant and multifunctional. There’s no need to worry about accidental slips, plus you can use it for other outdoor activities, aside from just in the water.


  • Has a quick drain and quick drying ability
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Boasts of its cool and attractive look
  • Versatile in that you can also use it for other activities outdoors
  • Has an impressive grip


  • Not ideal for colder water
  • Thick stitching at the bottom part of the tongue, which can trigger a bit of discomfort

Buyer’s Guide Best Beach Shoes

1. Reasons to Find a Good Pair of Beach Shoes

Best Beach Shoes couple running

Good beach shoes are essential for various aquatic activities. Here are some reasons why you should consider searching for the best and the most suitable one for you out of your many options:

Can help keep you safe – The right footwear can offer excellent traction, especially on slippery and wet surfaces. This means that whether you are on a deck of a yacht, or a pile of rocks, you are assured of your safety.

Makes you feel comfortable – The best beach shoes are designed to give you utmost comfort. It’s because you have a guarantee that you can prevent them from getting soaked or waterlogged if submerged in the water.

Can serve you for a long time – You can expect to enjoy this benefit if you choose a pair of shoes, which is guaranteed to be durable. Most of them can prevent mold problems or leather breakdown caused by constant water immersion.

2. Types of Beach Footwear

Best Beach Shoes lacing

Water Sandals – This is a good option for you if you are not concerned too much about having less protection and traction for your feet.

Water/Beach Shoes – This footwear provides the comfort and quick dry feature often provided by a water sandal but expect it to have more traction and toe protection. It’s also considered as the most flexible out of the many water footwear today.

Boat Shoes – This is an ideal option if you’re looking for a pair of shoes, which you can use often on yachts, shore nightlife, and large boats.

3. Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Beach Shoes

Best women Beach Shoes

Type of Activity – Consider the kind of activity where you’ll be using the shoes. For instance, if you plan to use it not only in the water but also out of it, then pick a pair, which can make you feel comfortable on both terrains.

Design – Beach shoes come in sandals and closed-toe models. If you want to receive the highest level of protection then go for the closed toe. If you want more freedom plus quick drying time, though, then the sandal type is ideal.

Sole and grip – Check the sole of the shoes and find out if it can offer enough grip for slippery terrains. It should be capable of protecting your foot from punctures while ensuring that you have secure traction all the time.

Material – If possible, go for a shoe made of a meshed material, as this will let the water drain. This can also provide proper ventilation while also preventing the risk of trapping excess water.


Finding the best beach shoes does not have to be overwhelming. With the information about this footwear indicated in this article plus the short reviews of the most reliable products in this category, you can expect to be properly guided during the selection process.

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