Best American Made Boots

5 Best American Made Work Boots

Of all the footwear that is available to us, boots are by far the most functional.

You can wear boots to work or casually. There even exist boots that you can wear to special occasions or even on dates.

The only place where you might not want to wear boots is the beach, but there exists a pair of boots for all other terrains, as it were.

If you do not own at least one pair of boots in your wardrobe, then your wardrobe might be more incomplete than you think.

Take some time to explore what boots made in the USA have to offer.

Top Picks: 5 Best American Made Boots

5 Best American Made Boots

1. “American Heritage” 6’’ moc toe boots by Thorogood

Thorogood American Heritage 6” Steel Toe Boots for Men - Premium Breathable Moc Toe Leather Work Boots with Slip-Resistant MAXWear 90 Heel Outsole and Goodyear Welt, Trail Crazyhorse - 11.5 2E US

As surprising as this may sound, it is actually rather difficult to find the perfect boots for hiking or camping. If they have protective features such as steel toes, they are often not very comfortable to wear. And if they are comfortable, they usually don’t contain any protective features.

It is also very difficult to find footwear that you can wear outside that is also slip resistant. Thorogood’s American Heritage boots are perfect for outdoors activities in that they have a very comfortable fit and contain steel toes.

The insoles contain a poron footbed that can be removed, this way you will not need to worry about them wearing out. If you do not need the insoles, you can simply remove them. This is very convenient.

The outsoles of the American Heritage boots are completely slip resistant, using MAXWar 90 slip resistance. This is different from other slip resistance grades such as treadsafe as it is designed for the outdoors, where mud and other particles can still make treadsafe outer soles problematic. You will not encounter that with American Heritage.

American Heritage boots are almost one-dimensional in that they are specifically for outdoors activities and working outdoors. Although you can wear them casually, there are much better boots out there that you can wear casually.

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2. 8’’ waterproof boots by LL Bean

It is extremely rare, if not impossible, to find any kind of footwear that is completely waterproof that is also presentable. You might be able to find footwear that is partially waterproof but not completely waterproof, you might be able to find footwear that is waterproof but have no aesthetic value, but it is almost impossible to find footwear that is waterproof that doesn’t embarrass you when you wear them.

All of this ends with LL Bean’s waterproof boots. With the bottom of the boots being made completely of rubber and the rest being crafted by full-grain leather, you will be able to wear these with confidence around wet areas. You will not need to do any guesswork when wearing them; they will keep you dry.

You will not need to worry about standing out in the wrong way when wearing LL Bean’s waterproof boots, either. Unlike most rain boots that are never impressive looking, LL Bean’s waterproof boots still look presentable yet are just as effective as any given pair of rain boots.

Unfortunately, LL Bean’s waterproof boots are just as durable as any given pair of rain boots in that they are not durable at all when compared to any other pair of boots. While they will last long, they will get worn out quickly if you do wear them regularly.

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3. “Amp” steel toe boots by Carolina Shoe

Boots with steel toes tend to stick out like a sore thumb. They give themselves away, and not in a good way, either. With most boots with steel toes being completely black, there is no way you can wear them for any other purpose other than for when you are at work. That is the great tragedy of boots with steel toes: They are practically one-dimensional.

Your search for a pair of steel toe boots that you can wear for more than one occasion has ended with Carolina Shoe’s Amp model. You’ll certainly be able to wear them to work with confidence, as they are extremely slip resistant, contain safety caps, and contain a steel shank that guarantees protection.

However, you can also wear the Amp boots casually. It contains a polyurethane footbed that you can remove, making them much more comfortable to walk around in. The tobacco stamped leather exterior also provides a much nicer touch than any other boots with steel toes.

Prepare yourself for disaster if you are caught in wet climates while wearing the Amp boots, however. The leather exterior does not absorb water well and neither do the soles. They will get wet fast and this is not good.

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4. “Bull Run Lux” 6’’ lifestyle boot by Danner

Danner Men's 31660 Bull Run Lux 6' Lifestyle Boot, Sunstone - 8 D

One of the most common issues in any style of boot is that they can suffocate your feet. You will notice this if you wear them for any extended period of time and it can be very bothersome. It is one of the reasons why many do not even care to own a pair of boots.

Danner has decisively solved this problem with its Bull Run Lux line of boots. The Bull Run Lux contains a footbed that not many other boots contain: An open-cell OrthoLite bed. This offers comfort levels that you have likely never seen before in any given boot, and you will be able to wear them for long periods of time without even noticing that you have boots on. That is how comfortable they are.

The soles of the Bull Run Lux boots are completely made of rubber, which provide a good amount of slip resistance. While they are not perfectly slip resistant, they will certainly get the job done and you’ll be able to wear them to work with confidence. Bull Run Lux boots also look very impressive and you’ll be able to wear them for almost any occasion.

However, another common issue with any kind of boot is that they are not waterproof, and this is unfortunately also true with the Bull Run Lux boot. Do not expect them to stay dry for too long when you wear them in wet climates.

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5. Men’s Redwood Falls Waterproof Moc-Toe Boots

Finding a strong pair of boots that you can wear specifically for work is very difficult and in some cases, it is nearly impossible. If they are waterproof, they don’t contain any toe protection. If they contain toe protection, they get wet in seconds. If they contain both of these, they probably do not provide the best slip protection.

Your search for boots that you can wear to work with absolute confidence has ended with Timberland’s MOC-TOE BOOTS. The linings and uppers are not made with just any kind of leather, they are made with Horween leather which allows them to absorb water very easily. There is no way you will ever feel too wet wearing them.

Just like with most other boots that are designed for working, the MOC-TOE BOOTS contain a steel toe for protection. They also contain vibram wedge outsoles which provide much better slip protection than most other boots. Consider them if you need a pair of boots to work in wet or damp areas.

MOC-TOE BOOTS are nothing if not one-dimensional. They look very plain and can weigh you down as well because of all the protection they provide. You’ll need to look for another pair of boots if you want to wear a pair to work as well as casually.

American Made Boots – A Buying Guide

Like with any kind of footwear, different kinds of boots exist for different situations, although there certainly exist boots that you can wear almost anywhere.

One of the best things you can do when you are interested in a new pair of boots is to consider exactly what you need them for and if you prefer to wear them in more than just one environment.

Will you be wearing your boots to work?

This is the first consideration you should have because most pairs of boots are designed for work above all else.

Because of this, you’ll need to first determine if you plan to wear your boots to work then go from there.

Will you be wearing your boots to other places outside of work?

It isn’t ideal to own just one pair of boots for work and nothing else.

If you are like most, you’ll prefer to wear your boots to other places as well as workplace environments and you’ll need to find a pair of boots that have those kinds of features.

Do you need waterproof boots?

Most footwear is not waterproof and boots are unfortunately a part of this.

However, some boots are waterproof and if you know that you will be wearing your boots around a lot of wet areas, you will want to seek out boots that are waterproof.

Do you need a pair of boots for special occasions?

Just like with other footwear, there also exist boots that can be worn for special occasions.

Be very aware that these kinds of boots are similar to shoes that are worn for special occasions in that they usually do not contain any other features other than looking very presentable.

American Made Boot Brands

Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing has footwear not only for work, but for other occasions as well. As impressive as their line of work boots are, you’ll also find seasonal footwear as well that look very impressive. Red Wing has an impressive selection of heritage style boots, and you’ll be able to find whatever you need for any kind of situation or environment.

Allegiance Footwear

Some of the most impressive looking boots you will ever find are sourced by Allegiance Footwear. Their selection of boots are designed more for outdoor activities than anything else, and you will not be disappointed with what Allegiance has to offer. Their catalog contains the industry standard heritage style, but also contains 8’’ and 10’’ styles as well.

Bates Footwear

Look no further than boots made by Bates Footwear if you are looking for a tough pair of boots or shoes that can stand up to any kind of terrain or weather. Their waterproof shoes and boots come in a variety of different styles and will provide ultimate protection. Bates also contains military and tactical boots that are even more functional. However, the boots and shoes in Bates’ catalog are all business: You’ll find nothing casual here.

McRae Footwear

No one does military style boots quite like McRae. Whether you are looking for combat boots or tactical boots, McRae has what you need. Their Terrassault line contains boots that are some of the most durable but also some of the most comfortable. Unlike most other boots of this style, Terrassault boots are also heat resistant. McRae is your choice when it comes to military style boots.

Nick’s Boots

Most boot manufacturers are very niched in that they only source a couple of different styles of boots but nothing else. This is not the case with Nick’s. The only style of boots that they do not have are military or tactical boots. However, they have everything else, from casual heritage boots to work boots to even fire and motorcycle boots, Nick’s has it all. They even make stock boots, although these take a bit longer to ship.

Reebok Work

Reebok should be known for more than just athletic shoes, because they also contain an impressive line of shoes that are just as durable as boots are, yet they possess the same kind of comfort as any given pair of sneakers do. Yes, they even contain military sneakers which provide similar durability as massive military boots but are not nearly as heavy. If you prefer sneakers to boots but still desire everything that boots have to offer, check out what Reebok Work has to offer.

Rocky boots

Rocky truly has something for everybody. They have boots for outdoors. They have military style boots. Their western collection perfectly marries style and function and are some of the most impressive boots you’ll ever find. Part of this collection is the Iron Skull, which offers waterproof protection but impressive designs.

Carolina Shoe

Your search for effective work boots and shoes that are ideal for any environment ends with Carolina Shoe. While very few shoes and boots in their catalog can be worn casually, you’ll be able to find footwear that fits any worksite. Their mudjumper collection contains easily the most durable and waterproof pair of boots you will ever encounter.

Drew’s Boots

Firefighters have very few options when it comes to footwear. The boots that firefighters wear need to meet specific guidelines that most shoe and boot manufacturers simply do not want to trouble themselves with. Drew’s boots answer the call however, and they answer it by providing an impressive catalog of firefighting boots. They also contain western style boots which are custom made and come in dozens of styles.

Keen Footwear

Your search for casual footwear ends when you browse through Keen’s catalog. They truly have something for everybody, and most of their footwear can just slip right on without the use of laces. They have an impressive selection of work boots as well, with their Philadelphia line being one of the most state-of-the art work boots in existence. You can slip them right on without tying them, they protect you from everything, and they are far and away more comfortable than other boots like it.


Boots should be part of everybody’s wardrobe.

When you possess the right pair of boots, you can wear them anywhere.

You can wear them to work, you can wear them when you are not at work, you can wear them in wet or dry environments.

Take some time to explore what kinds of american made boots are right for you so you can add a pair to your wardrobe.

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